Some might just want to learn new skills or polish their existing skills. Whatever your reason, a college education is a personal, professional goal. One you should try to reach, no matter what.

How you go about earning a college degree is a decision you make taking various things into consideration. If you have family commitments or work responsibilities that you can’t get out of, you may want to consider online education as an option.

Although online education has been met with scrutiny and apprehension over the past few years, there is no denying the fact that it has also gained immense popularity amongst working professionals, stay-at-home moms and otherwise committed career-oriented adults.

According to a survey on online education conducted by The Sloan Consortium in 2011, the number of students taking at least one online program has crossed 6 million. The survey further reported a 10 percent growth rate for online program enrollments which is far more than the 2 percent growth of the overall higher education student enrollments.

Advancement in technology, made it easier for people who were tied up with jobs and family responsibilities to educate themselves and achieve their professional and personal goals. As a result of the convenience online education offered, more and more students began embracing this form of education to supplement their careers and move up the corporate ladder. This led to more established institutions adopting Internet-centric programs.

Accredited online colleges such as Independence University offer career oriented online degrees. Reviews containing details about student services, financial aid assistance programs for those who qualify and accreditation of Independence University and other online colleges can be found on the Internet easily, thus promoting transparency and honesty.

But how can you be sure of the effectiveness of online classes? Truthfully, being successful at an online program requires self-discipline and motivation on the student’s part. That said some students find that it helps to study alone as they can do so without distractions. It’s a given that constant interaction with peers and professors is beneficial to a student, but then again online colleges make several provisions for their students to make this possible. Students can participate in online forum and chat-room discussions and communicate with their professors via e-mail.

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As technology progresses and expands, so will online education. And before you know it, almost every other college will have at least one online program.