Learning a new language is never an easy thing. It seems like the older you are before embarking on this task, the harder it seems. Nevertheless, you can still do it anyway. German is one of the languages loved by a lot of people, and there is an increase in the number of people who want to learn and understand the language. Flashcards, though, provide you with the best opportunity and easiest way to learn. Since you have to start with the basics at the rudimentary level, it is strongly advised that you make yourself a set of flashcards to help you learn faster and more easily.

Making flashcards by yourself could, however, prove to be a very demanding exercise which you might not be cut out for. In light of this, we try here to present you with a set of German flashcards that have been developed to make your process of learning the language as smooth as you can imagine.


FluentU is an app that gives you an advantage in learning German. The flashcard app takes real life videos such as music videos, news, movie trailers, inspiring talks,etc. and changes them into personalised language learning tutorials. Through the app, you get to watch video content which native German speakers watch everytime. This makes you get quickly acquainted with the regular modern German which you need.


Memrise is a website and app you should consider if you are in need of German flashcards. It uses image-based flashcards to teach you languages and vocabulary. On Memrise, you can take courses related to any given level of the German language. You can also create your courses. Memrise’spremade courses allow you to coast through the process of learning German as easy as possible. Its flashcards come with audio. Another plus this app/website offers you is the opportunity and freedom to choose the meme or image that appears for each word. This means you get to select whatever is easiest for you to recall when it comes to the visual part.


Although StudyBlue is an app targeted at university students, it can be used by anyone nonetheless. This amazing app gives you the privilege to create flashcards, study guides, notes as well as quizzes or use the pre-made content shared by its other users. Each set of slides indicates the university from which it originates. As such, if you are a college student that is looking for the best flashcards and notes for your particular German course, StudyBlue should be your top priority.


MosaLingua is a flashcard app that boasts of pre-made cards for words and phrases that are useful. The app features native dialogues and audio pronunciations. It also includes categories and subcategories that can be explored on various subjects such as eating, transportation and much more. The idea that drives MosaLinguais focused on learning the most useful parts of the language first rather than wasting your time on the things you already know.