There are many excellent reasons to get your MBA. It can provide you with the knowledge and information to get ahead in today’s business climate. It’s a competitive world out there and anything you can do to even the odds is only going to make it easier to reach your goals for success. But while we’re here talking about all the benefits of an MBA, thousands of candidates are submitting resumes with credentials that will make them very attractive hires at some of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world right now.

How can you make your mark and get through the door at the biggest brands in the world? Take an MBA program at Sarah Lawrence College or enroll in Northeastern’s online mba program, there are many wonderful courses available at well-known schools around the country that can give you the edge to succeed and stand out above the pack. Employers want the traits that MBA graduates hold, so if you’re still on the fence about getting your MBA, here are five of the best reasons to convince you it’s the right decision.

1. Increase Your Skills

An MBA is the best way to learn all of the tricks of the trade when it comes to working in any number of business-related sectors and positions. Taking an MBA course will give you the skills to design, manufacture, and market a product or service successfully. It can also imbue you with the know-how to look after the company’s financial future with clarity and responsibility, hire personnel, and practice smart brand management.

2. Improve Leadership and Teamwork

When you pursue an MBA you’re gaining the skills to foster teamwork among your fellow students to prepare you for working in a team environment that you will encounter when you get hired by an organization. This will also provide you with the ability to build your leadership skills to effectively manage a team of people with often disparate personalities and backgrounds. The assignments you will be tasked to complete in class will present you with many similar challenges that are inherent to the business world.

3. Prepare to Compete

One of the things that make an MBA graduate so appealing to employers is the fact that they are well-prepared to compete and succeed in any number of high-level positions at some of the most highly regarded firms on the global stage. Your MBA can unlock the doors to companies as diverse as Amazon to Deloitte to Procter and Gamble to Paramount Pictures. Your coursework will put you through the paces and unlock your inherent talent through practice.

4. Unlock your Entrepreneurial Instincts

Working at some of the biggest corporations in the world is one thing, starting your own company is another and your MBA will provide you with all of the business know-how to get your dream off the ground. This program can put you in the driver’s seat and forge your own path to success.

5. Foster Effective Communication

If you’re not too keen on speaking in public or feel somewhat shy or apprehensive about your presentation skills, then getting an MBA may be just what you need. The right program can help you get over your fear of speaking in front of people while getting you to focus on making clear and concise presentations, lead group discussions, and build confidence.