Gradually, all the fields and sectors in today’s modern industry are getting automatic. Manual work and labor are slowly getting replaced by machines and technologies that are automating the processes for much faster and efficient results with little input.

Even in terms of testing, the skill of automated testing is raging at a fast pace. The market has been flooded with test automation tools jobs as the industries are seeking employees who are familiar with the test automation toolstechnology.

Test automation is gaining popularity because it is not only faster, but also very reliable. You can create various test batches so that a more comprehensive testing can take place. It can also be used again and again on different versions of the application and the different user interfaces will not alter the results obtained from these automated tests.

Here are a few reasons why test automation is surely a good choice of a career:

  1. A Rise in Demand– The future prospects of test automation are quite bright. The industry is gradually moving towards automating everything and the testing skills form a very important part of the industry. Almost all industries are looking for candidates who can work on test automation jobs.
  2. A New Field– Since not many people are aware of this field of test automation, it is not yet saturated. If you choose this field, you are likely to face more opportunities to succeed as there is less competition and more chances of learning and growing.
  3. Easier and Efficient– The chances of error in test automation is quite low. It is much faster, efficient and reliable as compared to manual testing. Manual testing was a tedious task, but with the help of test automation you can do the same task in a much easier and convenient manner.
  4. You Can Make Use of Your Programming Skills– As far as test automation is concerned, you can also make use of your programming skills. There are many types of technologies that are already available for automating the process of testing. However, if you make use of your programming skills in order to automate the process of testing then it is a much better option. You will receive more credit and recognition. The programming language that you can use is Java or Python. If you incorporate certain programmable services in your tool, then you may be able to access some information that was hidden initially.
  5. Scope of Improvement– This career field will continuously give you many chances of improvement. You can improvise on the existing UI tools that are used for testing and also develop tools on your own.

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